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Drums-Percussion → Mapex Rebel 5 Piece Complete Drum Kit in Black

Mapex Rebel 5 Piece Complete Drum Kit in Black

Mapex Rebel 5 Piece Complete Drum Kit in Black
Item# RB5044FTCDK

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The Mapex team designed the Rebel line specifically to get a beginning drummer off to a great start. Includes 20X16 Bass, 16X14 Floor Tom, 10X7 Tom, 16" CYMBAL, 14" HI-HAT CYMBALS, 12X8 Tom, 14X5 Snare, TH6215 mount, double-braced hardware, Remo drumheads, and poplar shells, Snare/Pedal/Throne/Sticks/Double Braced Straight Stands. The drums are equipped with an ideal mix of specifications including fully adjustable tom mounts; telescoping bass drum spurs, and triple flanged hoops. Rebel shells are constructed of poplar for strong, full tone and are precisely engineered for accurate and faster tuning. The snare drum features a white coated head for strength and attack; the toms feature clear heads for pure tone, and the bass drum head is self-muffling and powerful. All heads are made by Remo.

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