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Effects / PedalsDistortion - Overdrive → Boss FB-2 Feedback Booster Effect Pedal

Boss FB-2 Feedback Booster Effect Pedal

Boss FB-2 Feedback Booster Effect Pedal
Item# FB2

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Want feedback that you can control? BOSS makes it easier than ever with the FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster pedal. Let's start with the boost, this feature lets you dial in a boost to your guitar signal that is tailored to your sound and style, not just some random volume increase. You can add a nice, flat clean boost without changing your tone or a mid-heavy boost to take your already distorted tone over the edge. As for the feedback, you'll be able to create a smooth, feedback sound that you'll be able to control and play. No more standing in front of big amps that are blasting your ears off to get feedback, just step on this pedal and listen to the magic happen. The FB-2 works great on single notes or even full chords, this can add a very cool dimension to your playing. Use it for solos or for just creating a sonic landscape. Create feedback on demand with the BOSS FB-2 Feeback/Booster.

Regular Price: $192.50
 Guaranteed Best Price: $119.99 
You Save: $72.51 (38%)

Dimensions: 7x3x4

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