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AmplifiersTube Combo → *Discontinued* Mesa Boogie Trans Atlantic 30 Watt 1x12 Combo

*Discontinued* Mesa Boogie Trans Atlantic 30 Watt 1x12 Combo

*Discontinued* Mesa Boogie Trans Atlantic 30 Watt 1x12 Combo
Item# 1T301BPJ

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    *Exlusive Blowout pricing on discontinued select Mesa Boogie Gear, Still comes with full 5-Year Warrenty.*

While the TA-30 control layout is rather sparse (for a MESA), there is a lot more going on internally than might be apparent at first glance. Make no mistake, this is not a low line offering, but rather a power experiment in the world of simplicity. In every way the TA-30 stands proud alongside our larger multi channel offerings with the same components, build quality, versatility and performance… an equal in every way except weight and mass.

     Channel 1 offers two Modes that pay tribute to the Vox heritage; a lower gain NORMAL Mode that delivers shimmering higher headroom clean sounds and TOP BOOST, our take on one of the most iconic Brit sounds ever, that excels at clipped rhythm and lead sounds.

     Channel 2 packs three selectable Modes and this Channel alone offers more stylistically divergent landscapes than many whole amps. TWEED follows the Southern Cal vintage line to deliver gorgeous clean chording sounds that have more low end and breathy air than Channel 1 NORMAL - and yet clips smooth and furry when pushed. From there HI 1 jumps back to the U.K for a Brit style higher-gain Mode that, when set lower, romps on vintage crunch rhythm sounds with stripped urgency. HI 1 also delivers searing high gain solo sounds that retain a crisp, definitive attack as the GAIN control is cranked. Finally, another crossing and you're back in Petaluma, CA for the smooth warmth of the high gain Boogie lead voice found in HI 2. This Mode adds low-end girth and sweetens the attack frequencies to produce a fatter, rounder tone that is great for single note work.

     The TA-30 incorporates a new GAIN BOOST feature in Channel 2 that takes it into new and uncharted waters, enabling it to scuttle even the most extreme Rock and Metal sounds with one well-aimed pull on the GAIN pot trigger. This shot of red-hot gain empowers all three Modes in Channel 2 and delivers a take-no-prisoners assault on the senses…especially in HI 1 AND 2. Add to all this preamp versatility our patented Multi-WattTM Power and you have the ultimate tools to craft a sound that is all yours. Multi-Watt allows you to match one of three perfect power-response characteristics to each of the Modes and footswitch between two iconic sounds.

     The 15W position on the Multi-WattTM mini toggle in each Channel captures the old world magic of 15 watts running in Class A which - along with being ultimately clippable - emphasizes a truly precious blend of warmth and lined-up, chiming harmonics at low playing volumes. The 30 watt setting brings aboard the Push-Pull wiring scheme while remaining in Class A and pumps up the wattage for the perfect blend of iconic vintage response, manageable power and sweet, smooth clip.

     The Hard-Bypassable Series Effects Loop allows you to interface outboard processing without degrading your signal for effects such as chorus, delay flange or anything that doesn't sound right on the "front end" (between the guitar and amp). The TA-30's Loop works well with both Pedal and Rackmount processors and provides ample headroom and drive to accommodate both with Toneful finesse. All this control over both the preamp architecture and power section wiring styles combined with the simplicity of the Gain and Tone Controls create a package that allows for instant gratification and long-term exploration.

Features Overview:

  • Multi-WattTM, Channel Assignable Power Amp (Patent 7,602,927) featuring Duo-ClassTM and Dyna-WattTM
  • 2 power tubes operating in pure Class A Push-Pull, producing 15 Watts
  • 4 tubes operating in pure Class A Push-Pull, producing 30 Watts ...or...
  • 4 tubes operating in Mesa's Patented Dyna-WattTM Power that maximizes the power and punch of time-honored Class A/B power, producing 40 Watts
  • All Tube Amplifier: 4xEL-84 Power Tubes & 6x12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
  • 2 Fully Independent Channels with 5 Style Modes:
  • Channel Assignable, All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Controls
  • Footswitchable, Channel Assignable, Fully Buffered FX Loop
  • Channel Independent True Bypass Switches fully remove FX Loop & Reverb from signal path
  • Fan Cooled
  • External Switch Jack for Reverb
  • All Aluminum Chassis
  • 2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2 & FX Loop)


  • Head (Width 17 ¼") • Padded Gig Bag w/ Shoulder Strap
  • Rackmount Head
  • 1x12 Combo (Width 22 7/8 ") • 12" Spkr • Casters • Slip Cover
  • 2x12 Combo (Width 26 3/4 ") • 12" Spkrs • Casters • Slip Cover

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 Guaranteed Best Price: $1,449.00 
You Save: $200.00 (12%)


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