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AccessoriesGuitar cords → Bullet Cable Coffin DIY Connectors Angle Red 2 Pc.

Bullet Cable Coffin DIY Connectors Angle Red 2 Pc.

Bullet Cable Coffin DIY Connectors Angle Red 2 Pc.

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For maximum signal integrity and consistently excellent sound, use Bullet Cable DIY Connectors. Specially developed for discerning musicians and audiophiles, Bullet Cable DIY Connectors feature precision-engineered solderless brass bodies encased in quality-molded designs, corrosion-resistant 24K gold-plated tips to preserve signal strength, and 24K gold-plated hex grounding screws with preset depths to protect cables against assembly damage and ensure perfect connections, every time. Instructions and hex key included for quick and easy setup. For exclusive use with sound-engineered Bullet Cable Bulk Cables (available in packaged and custom lengths up to 200 ft.) Connectors are available in pairs. Straight and angle connectors are available in most model styles.

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